Call for AAA Sessions on NGOs and Nonprofits


The deadline for submitting proposals for the 114th AAA Annual Meeting is coming soon. The meetings will be held November 18-22, in Denver, Colorado.

As an interest group we are now permitted to invite one session. This session will receive the “Invited by NGOs and Nonprofits” tagline in the AAA program.

We are soliciting proposed sessions from our membership for invited status.


For consideration, please submit your session proposal to by Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

Session proposals must include the following information:


  1. Session Title
  2. Name, affiliation, and email of Session Organizer(s)
  3. Session Abstract (no more than 500 words)
  4. Names, affiliations, emails, and paper titles for all session members (please note that you do not need to include individual paper abstracts)
  5. Name(s) and affiliation(s) of discussant(s), if applicable


Your session will be ranked based on the following criteria:


  1. Relevance and interest to our group, and fit within our group’s mission and goals
    b. Relevance to the AAA conference theme of Familiar/Strange (see below)
    c. Quality (completeness, coherence) of the panel as a whole


Decisions will be made by Wednesday, April 8th.


To prepare to submit your sessions to us for sponsorship, we encourage you to use the listserv to publicize ideas and solicit collaborators. Send out a draft abstract and invite interested colleagues to contact you; submit ideas on hot topics around which you’d like to see others organize sessions (or other formats); and/or offer up your own proposal to see if anyone would like to include it in a panel they already have organized. We encourage our membership to use our newly instated listserv for networking broadly to organize sessions for the AAA this year, even if not seeking invited status with our group.


Remember, in addition to the familiar formats of individual papers and organized panels, the AAA welcomes proposals forInstallations, Roundtables, and Public Policy Forums. We encourage our members to make use of these diverse formats. Be aware, also, that double sessions are no longer allowed. Please see:


The AAA’s call for papers follows (

Familiar/Strange: Casting common sense in new light by making the familiar seem strange and the strange seem familiar is a venerable strategy used across anthropology’s subfields. It can denaturalize taken-for-granted frames and expand the horizons of students and public alike. But useful as this process of estrangement and familiarization can be, it can lapse into exoticism through “us/them” comparisons that veil historical and contemporary relations of power and powerlessness within and across societies, begging the question of the normative templates (of the “West,” of “whiteness”) that lurk behind. As an orienting theme for the 2015 Denver meeting of the AAA, we invite proposals for Executive Program Committee sponsorship (sessions, forums, special events, installations or media submissions) that press us to grapple with how and why this strategy proves both productive and obstructive, considering what it simultaneously opens up and ‘nails down.’ We particularly seek proposals that bring together and foster dialogue among subfields as we scrutinize the multiple uses and effects of this durable anthropological ‘way of knowing.’