Welcome to our new NGOs and Nonprofits Interest Group website!

Here is a quick tour of our new site, to help you navigate to find the information you need and learn about our new tools for member resources and interaction.  If you have any questions about the website, conferences and meetings, ongoing projects, or Interest Group activities in general, please don’t hesitate to email us at ngoanthro@gmail.com.  To get news and updates directly to your device, sign up to our new Listserv or follow us on Twitter @ngoanthro.

On the top right of your screen is a drop-down menu linking to you all of our active pages.

Under Meetings you can take a look the questions raised at our first NGOs and Nonprofits conference from 2013, and browse the CFP for our upcoming conference taking place this year in Denver during the week of the AAA.

Member Activities will lead you to our Member Fieldwork page, which features a rotating selection of in-depth descriptions of the work of some of our members.  Visit the page to see their past and ongoing projects, and to get information about how to get your own research – even in its initial stages – published on our site.

 Our Resources tab will lead you to our growing Bibliography Project, an ongoing project that will soon feature links to the resources listed, and Recent Publications by anthropologists on all topics NGO.
 While exploring our website, you’ll notice that there are a few pages under construction.  This is because we want this website to be a source of interaction between members, a means of sharing ideas and content in a single site.
The Member Forum will house rotating questions – sourced by members via conference conversations, our new Listserv, and comments made on our new Twitter feed – about methodology, theory, and ethics asked and answered by you.  The Syllabus Share will be a repository of syllabi donated by members to be accessible on the page, helping all of us teaching NGO-related courses to experiment, share, and improve our courses together.
 All of this means that we are calling for content from members like you.  We are looking for: any links to relevant sites, projects, or resources that you think would be valuable for the community; syllabi from courses you’ve taught or are planning to teach that you’re willing to have available on our site; Calls for Papers for any upcoming conferences of potential interest to our members; relevant job postings; and, as always, any photos or artwork from your fieldwork, so we can visually display the diversity of NGO and Nonprofit-related research.