Call for Convenors and Board Members: Apply by December 10

We are pleased to announce that nominations for new Convenors and Board Members are open. The descriptions for existed and recommended positions are open, but we welcome nominations from and for people who have different skills to offer. The Interest Group is fluid and should move with the changing needs and interests of its members, and board positions change to incorporate sub-committees for additional support.

To apply, please email your CV and a 250-500 word statement of interest detailing your desired position(s), why you are interested in joining, your perspective time commitment, and any other information you feel would help us get to know you virtually. Please send your application to

Convenors and Board Positions


  • Manages and oversees board activities;
  • Coordinates and facilitates board member meetings, updates, and calls;
  • Primary point-of-contact with the American Anthropological Association;
  • Maintains a record of meeting notes, survey responses, and Interest Group conference data;
  • Supports other Board Members in their activities, as needed.

NGO Outreach Coordinator(s):

  • Based on Interest Group needs and interests, proposes new strategies to connect with professional NGOs and nonprofits;
  • Leads outreach with NGOs and maintains database of organizations of interest to our members;
  • Works with Communications Team to make changes to Interest Group website and social media platforms to implement and expand strategies.

Conference Coordinator(s):

  • Leads organization and coordination of Interest Group biennial conference (next in 2019);
  • Primary point-of-contact with vendors, academic institutions, and NGOs supporting or attending conference;
  • Works with Communications Team to design and disseminate flyers, surveys, and other conference information;
  • Coordinates board members, sub-committee/volunteers as needed to support outreach to membership, costs, post-conference surveys, web design, NGO participation.

Communications Team (multiple):

  • Webmaster
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Listserv Manager

Student Representative:

  • Liases with student members to represent their interests regarding costs, NGO outreach, media needs, and more;
  • Works with Communications Team, Conference Coordinators, and Convenors.

AAA Liason

  • Maintains schedule of American Anthropological Association deadlines;
  • Alerts responsible Board Members of upcoming opportunities and/or deadlines.

New board positions welcome!