Thinking Beyond the Critical/Applied Dichotomy

We are pleased to announce that our Interest Group will be organizing our third biennial conference.  As in 2013 and 2015, this two-day meeting will be held immediately prior to the AAA Meetings and in the same city, Washington, DC, to help defer travel costs for participants: Monday, November 27 – Wednesday, November 29, 2017.  The conference will be held at American University. (Details regarding department sponsorship to follow.)
The theme of this year’s conference is Thinking Beyond the Critical/Applied Dichotomy (click here for the Call for Papers).  This topic was carefully chosen in response to questions, critiques, and long-standing conversations of our broad membership, who have expressed great interest in exploring not only what NGOs and nonprofits are, but what spaces, places, and roles that NGOs and anthropologists play in one another’s interactions.  As more and more anthropologists take on untraditional roles as researchers, we, as a group, need to probe this complex interplay, both to solidify ourselves as anthropologists of NGOs and Nonprofits and to collaborate to move intellectual conversations about the ever-changing ecology of NGOs as entities and “NGO-ing” (Schuller) as actions forward.
Please send submissions to [email protected] by September 10, 2017.