Interest Group at 2015 AAA

For those of you also attending the AAA meetings, you are welcome to attend our organizational meeting and our roundtable:

Organizational Meeting

Thursday, November 19, 12:15-1:30pm (location: TBD)


Interest Group Roundtable

Thursday, November 19, 1:45-3:30pm (location: TBD)


Below we’ve provided a list of NGO- and nonprofit-related papers and posters being presented at the AAA:

Date/Time Title Event Type

 Sessions related to NGOs and nonprofits:


Thurs, Nov 19, 10:15-12:00 3-0355 ABANDONED HOPE? ETHNOGRAPHIC ACCOUNTS OF NGO CONSTRUCTION SITES AND RUINS Interest Group on NGOs and Nonprofits Sponsored Session
Thurs, Nov 19, 12:15-1:30 3-0645 INTEREST GROUP ON NGOS AND NONPROFITS (NGOS) ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING Interest Group on NGOs and Nonprofits Organizational Meeting
Thurs, Nov 19, 1:45-3:30 3-0920 “NGO-GRAPHIES”: A ROUNDTABLE FACILITATED BY THE INTEREST GROUP ON NGOS AND NONPROFITS Interest Group on NGOs and Nonprofits Reviewed Session
Sat, Nov 21, 8:00-9:45 5-0050 MORAL CONTROVERSIES AND NGOs IN TAIWAN AND CHINA Session
Sun, Nov 22, 8:00-9:45 6-0105 IS FEMALE TO MALE AS NGO IS TO STATE? Session

 Papers/posters that listed “NGO” as a keyword:


Wed, Nov 18, 12:30pm The “Six Blind Men” Can Talk about the Elephant: Partnering with the World Bank and the UN for Ethnographically Grounded Humanitarian Relief Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 1:00pm Mobile Clinics, Mobile Persons: Non-Governmental Organizations, Migrants and the Politics of Refugee Healthcare in Siracusa, Italy Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 2:45pm Fear or Survival?: NGOs and Silencing in South Central Somalia Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:15am From Mobilization to Activism – Mediation to Alienation: NGO Intermediaries and “Seed Custodians” in Maharashtra (India) Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:15am Negotiating Development Priorities: Politics of Islamic Charity in Uttar Pradesh, India Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:30am Shifting Identities, Multiple Moralities: Transnational Islam and the Establishment of Faith-Based NGOs in the Bangladeshi Diaspora Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:30am The Companies Act: Implications for NGOs and People Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 2:45pm Reinventing Working Class: “Dignity Politics” and Social Entrepreneurship in a Chinese Migrant Workers’ Community in Beijing Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 4:30pm The “Ngoization” of Islamic Activism in Malaysia and Its Impact on Understandings of Sharia Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 4:45pm Photographing Those in Need: Exploitation Vs. Empowerment Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 5:00pm Collaboration Between Hospitals and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) on Implementing Programs to Increase Sexual Health Education and HIV/AIDS Prevention in China Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 5:00pm Producing Nicaraguan Migrant Feminisms: NGOs, Residual Revolutionary Practice and Transnational Marginality Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 10:15am Unacceptably Queer? Regulating LGBT Asylum Seekers in the Nonprofit Sector Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 10:30am Queer Bedfellows: Community, Corporation, and Conflict in L.G.B.T.Q. Bishkek Paper
Fri, Nov 20 Saving Face: The Recreation and Destruction of Noma through Images Poster
Sat, Nov 21, 8:00am Educational Voluntourism and Global Citizenship: Cosmopolitanism and Disillusion Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 8:30am Precarious Progress: The Politics of Risk in Afghan Women’s Empowerment Programs Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 8:45am Producing Precarity in Transnational LGBT Activism Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 8:45am The Strange Journey of Development Data: How Knowledge about Local Lives Is Changed and Reframed As It Moves from People to NGOs to Funders Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 9:00am the Least I Can Do’: A Progressive Modality of Agency in Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 10:30am Racial Tension and Student Resistance in a Faith-Based Afterschool Program Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 4:45pm Cohering a Cultural Nature?: NGO Training Workshops and Environmental Governance in Andean Peru Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 4:45pm Crossover Programmatic Collaboration Between HIV/AIDS Key Population NGOs: A Case Study of the Netherlands Funded “Bridging the Gaps – Health and Rights for Key Populations” Global Alliance Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 8:00am Accounting for the Everyday Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 11:15am Role of Development in Familiarizing the Strange: Excogitating the Sustainability through Capacity Building Initiatives Paper

Papers/posters that have “NGO” in the title or abstract (but not listed as a keyword):


Wed, Nov 18, 12:00pm Museums, Sans-Papiers and Social Justice: The Case of the Occupation of the Cité Nationale De L’histoire De L’immigration (Museum of Immigration History, Paris, France) Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 1:00pm Marital Sexual Violence and the Challenge of Care in Northern Vietnam Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 1:30pm “Are They Guilty?” Moral Dilemmas, Responsibility Conceptualizations, and Personhood Puzzlement Surrounding Stray Dog Euthanasia Debates in Romania Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 1:30pm Rethinking Community Health Workers: Experience of Village Health Teams Program in Rural Uganda Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 2:15pm Heroes, Victims, and Villains: The Making of Spanish Return Migrants Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 2:15pm The Developmental Gaze and the Construction of the Rural Youth Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 2:45pm Rural Hospitals, Specialist Surgeons, and Barefoot Doctors: Re-Nationalizing Citizenship through Health Care in Coastal Ecuador Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 3:00pm Between Documentation and Representation of Violence: Internal Armed Conflicts and Works of a Native Artist in the Andes Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 4:15pm Spiritualizing Activism: Healing the Corporeal and Societal Body in South Asia Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 4:15pm Political Epistemics of the Nation in Berlin’s “Intercultural” Spaces Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 8:00am Becoming a Professional Refugee: New Subjectivities and New Social Organization in the Neoliberalization of the Syrian Refugee Experience in Jordan Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 8:15am “the Breast Is Best:” Microcredit Development and the Sexual Division of Labor in Chiapas, Mexico” Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 8:30am Flood Networking As Learned Culture of Resilience: Responsive Communities Along the Red River of the North Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 8:45am Humane Education and Wildlife Conservation in the Chinese Animal Welfare Movement Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:30am From Hot to Cold: The Temperalities of NGOs and Urban Activists on a Land Rights Movement Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:30am Recordkeeping: Ethnography, Community Studies, and Anthropological Training in the 1990s Ecuadorian Andes Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:45am Orientado o Beneficiado: Locating Agency and Contesting Constraints in Nicaraguan Development Encounters Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 11:00am “the Life of Pleasure and Death”: Situating the Sovereign Gesture Along a Contiuum of Life Force Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 11:45am Alternative Innovation Systems By Fishers: The Role of Mental Modeling and Cultures of Communication Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 4:45pm “Tutto E’ Legato”: The Knottedness of Austerity Pasts, Presents, and Futures in the Lives of African Migrants in Italy Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 8:00-9:45am Aging Bodies, Queer Times: Economies of Care in Later Life Poster
Fri, Nov 20, 8:00-9:45am Debt, Shame and Patriarchy: Why Some Women Fail to Benefit from Microcredit Self-Help Groups in Rural West India Poster
Fri, Nov 20, 8:45am Making Inroads in Fog: Reflecting on Hammoudi’s Theoretical Framing Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 10:15am Learning English in the Hills of Vietnam: Informal Education Models and Evolving Gender Dynamics in Highland Hmong Society Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 10:15am “at-Risk and Vulnerable” or “Social Deviants”? Competing Narratives Around LGBT Communities, Sex Workers and Sexually-Active Youth in Cambodia Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 10:45am-12:00pm Screen and Treat Cervical Cancer Campaign in the Peruvian Andes: Views from Patients and Healthcare Workers Poster
Fri, Nov 20, 11:00am Teachers’ Agency in the Face of an English Language Policy Mandate:  a Nicaraguan Story Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 11:15am Gender, Microfinance, Neoliberalism: Debt and Estrangement in India Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 2:30pm Awakening to the Arts and Creating Peace through Large-Scale Intercultural Projects That Build Infrastructure Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 2:45pm The Promise and Futility of Israeli Human Rights Ngos’ “Archive Activism” in the Face of the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 2:45pm Coping with Touristic Ecologies and Coral Education: Case Studies Across Okinawa and the Caribbean Community Poster
Fri, Nov 20, 4:00pm The Humanitarian Whip of the State: Anti-Trafficking and the Violence of Rescue in India Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 4:15pm “We Know Who Is Eating the Ebola Money”: Political Effects of Perceived Corruption in the Ebola Response Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 5:00pm Makings of Imagination and Resistance: A Close-up on Cairo’s Alternative Cultural Sector Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 8:00-9:45am Child Socialization in Nicaragua Poster
Sat, Nov 21, 8:00am The Charisma of Nature: Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Claim-Making in Ecuador Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 8:45am Nostalgic Electoral Observers in Colombia: Longing a Neoliberal Past, Envisioning a Post-Neoliberal Future Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 10:30am Institutions of Civility, Crowds of Solidarity: Intersectarian Ambivalence in Ankara Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 10:45am Faith in Bureaucracy: Paper, Labor & Bureaucrats That Care Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 10:45am Generating Good Consultants: The Ethical Management of Microloans in Paraguay Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 11:00am Experiments with Money and Sovereignty in Dollarized Ecuador Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 11:00am Prolific Scripts: How NGOs Are Increasing Socially Scripted Dialogue Surrounding HIV/AIDS in Khayelitsha Township, Western Cape, South Africa Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 11:00am Relations of Suffering Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 11:15am Empowered to Leave? NGO Field Workers and Somali Women Negotiate Empowerment and Repatriation in Adult Education Learning Environments Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 1:45-3:30pm (Trans)formación Docente: Teacher Professional Development and Rights-Based Quality Education for Quechua Communities in Peru Poster
Sat, Nov 21, 1:45-3:30pm What Is “Hope”?:  Cultural Models of Hope within a Northern Kentucky Distressed Community Poster
Sat, Nov 21, 1:45pm Navigating and Negotiating Schooling Options in an Urban Slum: Household Selection of NGO Schools or Madrasas in Dhaka, Bangladesh Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 1:45pm Subjectivities in Transition: Reconfiguring the Past Under the Specter of War Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 2:15pm Value, Medical Missions and the Guatemala Health System Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 2:45pm Fixed Categories, Liminal Selves: Becoming “Wsw” in Malawi Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 2:45pm Enregistering “Empowerment” Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 2:45pm Enduring in Failure’s Wake: The Work of Reformulating Activism in Beirut, Lebanon Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 4:30pm Avatars, Algorithms, Anti-Trafficking: Carceral Prosthetics and the Policing of Child Sexual Abuse Images Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 8:45am Faith in Expertise: Documents and Conditions of Textuality in an International NGO Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 9:00am Deportation As Arrival – Deported Migrants in Kingston, Jamaica Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 9:00am Household Sovereignty and Language: What Lies Beyond Claims of Hygiene Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 10:45am Political Consciousness in El Salvador’s Post-Postwar Generation Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 11:00am Making Uranium (In)Visible: “Environmental Racism” and Alternative Contamination Limits in the Grants Uranium District Paper
Sun, Nov 21, 4:15pm Reading Medical Anthropology Across Asia with Byron and Mary Jo D. Good: Theoretical Trajectories, Emergent Realities Paper

Papers/posters that have “nonprofit/non-profit” in the title or abstract (but not listed as a keyword):


Wed, Nov 18, 12:00pm Comfort in Discomfort: Grappling with the Familiar Strangeness of Neoliberal Social Justice Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 12:15pm Teach Them to Eat: Using Language of Empowerment, Self-Help, and Control in the Prevention and Treatment of Diet-Related Chronic Disease Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 2:30pm It Takes a Village: Aging in Place in a Suburban Community Paper
Wed, Nov 18, 4:00pm Hopping and Soy-like: Developing a Feel for Insects in Nordic Food Lab Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 8:30am Enforced Invisibility: Migrant Lives in an Era of Prevention through Deterrence Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:15am Georgia’s Water Policy: A Twenty-First Century Paradox Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 10:30am Relative Mobility: American Adoption As a Route to “Better Futures” Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 11:30am “Pakistanis Have Always Been Radio People”: Pakistani Radio and the (un)Making of the South Asian Diasporic Community in Houston, Texas Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 1:45pm Public Rights, Private Rites: Understanding the Paradoxes & Tensions of Inclusive Education in Guatemala Paper
Thurs, Nov 19, 4:30pm How Do Neoliberal Discourses of Parent Engagement and Advocacy Stall Latino Mothers’ Educational Power? Intersections of Gender, Class, and Race in the Special Education World Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 8:00-9:45am Stories of Inequality : Experiences of the Near Poor in Linn and Benton County Poster
Fri, Nov 20, 8:00-9:45am Entering the Fray at Jazz Fest: Students, Faculty, and Community Partnerships Poster
Fri, Nov 20, 8:15am The Uses of “Manouche” Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 10:15am Expectations Fulfilled and Disappointed: Strange and Familiar Landscapes for Somali Refugees, Nairobi to Ohio Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 2:30pm Bargaining to Belong: US Muslims, Hip Hop and the Limits of Dissent Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 4:30pm The Makerbus: Mobilizing Community Participation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 4:45pm Asylum-Seekers, Spare Couches, and the Politics of Hospitality Paper
Fri, Nov 20, 5:15pm “Toilets Are the New Schools”: Remaking Citizenry and the Developmental Field through India’s Swachh Bharat (‘Clean India’) Campaign Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 9:30am First Story: Toronto’s Indigenous History As Smart Phone App Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 1:45pm When Youth Development Programs Disappear: The Kids Will be Alright Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 2:45pm Unconventional Energy, Unconventional Science: Participatory Air Monitoring and Shale Gas Extraction Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 2:45pm Four Pathways to Generosity: Evolutionary Mechanisms Differentially Affect Charitable Donations Paper
Sat, Nov 21, 3:00pm Fertile Markets: Market Interactions in Cross-Border Reproductive Care Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 8:45am On Rhythm and Horses: The Talking Cure Among Alien Familiars Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 8:45am Designing Corner Store Conversions in the Los Angeles Food Justice Movement Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 10:30am Hawaiian Resilience Paper
Sun, Nov 22, 11:00am Devising Strategies, Managing Needs: A Multi-Perspective Study of Homelessness in Florida Paper